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Give Google easier access to your site:
Get a Google Sitemap file!
Facilitate Google's ability to index your
website with more speed and accuracy. 
Google Sitemap? Yahoo Sitemap?
What is a Sitemap File? Why do I need it?
The Google Sitemap file based on the XML protocol was so extremely efficient for Google that Yahoo jumped on the bandwagon and collaborated with Google to adopt the same technology. It is the first time to our knowledge that the 2 main competitors have cooperated in a long time on such an important technology.

Back in 2004, due to the ever-growing number of web pages needing to be indexed, and in an effort to speed up the indexing process, Google embraced the “XML Protocol”, a new technology usually referred to as Google Sitemap files.

A Sitemap file is a code placed in the root directory of your website which captures all the crucial information about your website, thus facilitating the crawling and indexing process for Google. In other terms, a Sitemap file communicates all the pertinent information about your website which is reviewed during the indexing procedure by Google.

For those who prefer layman terms, a Google Sitemap file is like a code lodged in the "background" (source) of your site - it is not for users to see - it is only to be found by search engines, allowing them easier and faster access to your website's information.

As you might know, major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN for example, are programmed to visit & index the content of every website on a regular basis. You might have heard about search engines “crawling” or “spidering” through the web.

Basically, each page of each website featured on the World Wide Web is archived regularly into a database and then reviewed for ranking eligibility. Although it represents a colossal amount of information to process and reprocess every month, up-to-date fresh data is the only way for major search engines to deliver quality search results to the users.

As it stands, in order to index your site, Google visits your home page and then crawls through each page by querying every link on your is a relatively slow and tedious process.... However, by featuring a Google Sitemap file, Google has your entire website’s information right at its fingertips in a matter of nanoseconds!!

The Google Sitemap file protocol is so extremely efficient that it has also been embraced by Yahoo, as well. It is the first time in a very long time that the two main competitors in the world of search engines have joined their efforts and are using the same protocol to facilitate their indexing procedures.
This is why we recommend that you get a Google Sitemap file and a Yahoo Sitemap file as well!

Click here to read why Google publishes a page titled, "What is a Sitemap file, and why should I have one?"

Do you need our help to get your Google & Yahoo Sitemap files?
We have built & registered successfully over 5000 Sitemap files!

Here is how it works:

* Place your order online – we do not need to receive anything else from you to do the job.
* Within 5 to 10 business days, your Google Sitemap file will be ready for upload.
* At that point, we will send the Sitemap file to your webmaster with clear uploading instructions, but should your prefer, we can upload your Google Sitemap file free of charge – our service is all inclusive!
* After your Google Sitemap file has been uploaded, we then register it with Google. Such procedure aims at telling Google where your Sitemap file resides....

Anyway, to recap, the process is simple: place your order – we build your Google Sitemap file - upload it – register it: Et voilà! Your website has been upgraded with the XML protocol.

Should you have additional questions, we advise you to visit the FAQ section of our website.... People constantly ask us “What happens when I update my site?", or “ My site has already been indexed, so why do I need a Google Sitemap file?”, or again, “Is it a one-time fee?” ... You have the questions? Chances are that we have the answers in our FAQ section!

Google Sitemap file = $250
Yahoo Sitemap file = $125
Google + Yahoo Sitemap files = $350

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to order your Sitemap files today.

* When one-way link building services are purchased, our technicians will make every effort to target each of the links the best they can.  However, due to the nature of the business we cannot guarantee that every link will be 100% targeted.

*We do not sell Placement in Search engines or Pagerank links.  We do not guarantee you will be number 1 in Google or Yahoo by selling you "Sponsored" Links.  We assist clients in developing organic ranking based on content of their website and target market.

What is an organic listing?

or natural 'listings' refers the non-paid section of Google, Yahoo or MSN. For long term promotion, organic optimization offers 'best' return on investment as well as 'top Internet' status. There is simply no higher place to be but at the top of Google (MSN,Yahoo) solely based on the value and integrity of your website!... Here are some facts to consider:

87% of referrals come from organic search results. Not Paid! (Jupiter Research)
Visitors are free - No cost per click!
Higher trust in natural listings
Organic listings are permanent
Ongoing ranking improvements
More traffic, more sales
Best ROI

All SEO work prepared by SubmitFrog for your website is yours to keep permanently. You will have complete ownership of all optimized content and all generated static HTML pages (if applicable).

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