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Is your Website visible to Search Engine Spiders like Googlebot and Slurp? Can a search engine spider read your content? Is your content hidden from search engine spiders. This Free Search engine Spider simulator tool will allow you to simulate what a search engine spider sees from your website content.

Is your Website visible to Search Engine Spiders like Googlebot and Slurp?

There are many different search engines and all of them operate on a similar model. Almost all search engines gather and verify web page and website content by a technique called "spidering"  What Spiders do is gather information and report it back to the search engine. 

Many people are often surprised how little a search engine spiders can actually see. Most of the content on your website you can easily read and navigate.  However, that same content and links may not actually be visible to search engines spiders. 

For example, 'Flash' based content, content generated through JavaScript, using image mapping for navigation or content displayed as images are visible to you but invisible to spiders and deadly when it comes to SEO. Basically anything rendered on the client/user side may not be visible to search engines.

The search engine spider simulator tool emulates a search engine by displaying the contents of a web page as a search engine spider would see it.
Enter the URL of the page you wish to test:

Note: Testing can take up to 60 seconds... Click once only!

* When one-way link building services are purchased, our technicians will make every effort to target each of the links the best they can.  However, due to the nature of the business we cannot guarantee that every link will be 100% targeted.

*We do not sell Placement in Search engines or Pagerank links.  We do not guarantee you will be number 1 in Google or Yahoo by selling you "Sponsored" Links.  We assist clients in developing organic ranking based on content of their website and target market.

What is an organic listing?

or natural 'listings' refers the non-paid section of Google, Yahoo or MSN. For long term promotion, organic optimization offers 'best' return on investment as well as 'top Internet' status. There is simply no higher place to be but at the top of Google (MSN,Yahoo) solely based on the value and integrity of your website!... Here are some facts to consider:

87% of referrals come from organic search results. Not Paid! (Jupiter Research)
Visitors are free - No cost per click!
Higher trust in natural listings
Organic listings are permanent
Ongoing ranking improvements
More traffic, more sales
Best ROI


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